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Pin Club

           🍓Lyra Art is on PATREON!🍓


Besides my online shop, you can also support me thruu Patreon and get some sweet monthly rewards you can't get anywhere else. Your support will make me work even harder, improve better and submit art more frequently. And ofc set me free current from my job, because damn...witches need to wonder on their brooms FREELY! 

You can join at anytime and leave at anytime! I'm planning Kimetsu No Yaiba - Cyberpunk Themed Pins starting December! H



İMPORTANT: Patreon and shop orders can't be combined. 

           ✨🍓✨ Thank you for all your support!✨🍓✨

I appreciate any support you are willing to give, even just a comment or like on my post is enough really! But if you do choose to become a Patreon, thank you from the bottom of my heart and welcome to the weirdness that will be my Patreon page <3