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Pre-Order İnfo

Pre-order Info:

  • Please allow 4-8 weeks for the pin to be manufactured. The time can change according to Holidays. 
  • Any other delays such as color errors or holidays may delay the release date, but all delays will be announced via my instagram.
  • All other orders placed with pre-order pins will be shipped out once everything is in stock.
  • Pre-orders cannot be cancelled as the funds will have been sent to the manufactor.
  •  If there are any address changes please let me know via email ASAP. 
  • Colors and Size are subject to change. (I'll try my best to keep it close to the original art, but manufactors might suggest changes to make the manufactoring process easier.)
  • Shipping costs will not be refunded if orders are combined. All funds go toward the manufacturering process including what you pay in shipping. The shipping you pay goes towards paying for the shipping from the manufacturer to me. I pay to ship the items to you out of pocket at the end.

Pin quality:

All Pre-orders are guaranteed a standard grade or higher pin. (See pin grading system for all acceptable damage.)

Lastly Thanks for supporting the designs!

                                                                                      - Lyra