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Wizart Academy

Wizart Academy is fictional universe created by Lyra for all the artists in the universe regardless of the medium they use. In this blog I will share updates and word building details. Feel free to join our discord channel where we role-play and practice/share/criticize/bond and inspire each other.

WizArt Universe is connected to the world that we are living, often we call it reality. The two worlds coexist together and can be travelled with a special device.          

Wizarts are, the Witch and Wizards who use special type of magic and travel between two worlds. They use their powers to maintain/protect the balance between 2 worlds. One of the sources of their power comes from the “Soul Seed” that is awakned. While every human has the seed at birth, some of them go dormant as they grow older. However, to be able to use the magic the seed should be awaken. These seeds are unique but in order to grow it needs some special environmental conditions.

Fighting darkness, surrounding it with magic because if human soul is not fed with magic it fades and filled with darkness which eventually destroys itself and their surroundings. Wizart Academy, is a place witches and magicians come to practice and learn magic. It is located on the sacred Tree of Yggdrasil, which contains all the knowledge passed on from the ancient times. The WA is divided into four houses, each representing the four type of environment the soul seeds grow the best.

Wizarts School Houses:

The Four houses are represented by 4 plants. You can consider these as blood-types. Every wizart is born with the seeds in their soul and the school aims to flourish that seed into a finest Wizart in the world. The wizarts in these house my share similar characteristics, but it should never be forgetten that each one of them is unique.

  1. Sakura (Pink) - Friendly, peaceful, enduring, sometimes hopeless romantics, sometimes overly emotional. Taking matters seriously can be overwhelming.
  2. Clover (Green)- They believe in luck, so they live with no plans. Most of the time they love rare items/gears and can envy if you don’t want to share J
  3. Sunflower (Orange) - Chaotic, boosts the team’s spirit, positive, energetic ones but the impulsivity and impatience may cause problem.
  4. İris (Purple)- Stubborn, wise, into science, mystery solvers. Their high standards can make life difficult.